Our three core values are at the heart of the business and we always ensure that each member of the team understands and follows them in every aspect of their work. We want to showcase that quality comes first, along with our dependable and reliable ethos and ability to provide the full package for all of our clients. This includes making sure health, safety and environmental factors are at the forefront, demonstrating the importance of safety in the construction industry and at our own premises and site.  

It is within our health and safety policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to make sure we provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, subcontractors, visitors and any others who may come into contact with business’ activities.

Our Outlook

We love working on commercial and residential projects, and are passionate about ensuring all health and safety protocols are complete. We believe that everyone should have safe infrastructure wherever they are, including our own employees, subcontractors and clients. We will make sure the right measures are put in place on site and throughout the business. 

Our Ideology

We believe in providing an outstanding service for each and every client, whilst ensuring our team always continue to stay hard working and motivated to achieve higher. We want to ensure that our reputation remains positive as a leader in the construction industry, all whilst keeping health and safety at the heart of our business.

Our Responsibility

We’re always diligent in our corporate responsibility to the environment and member of our team. Due to this, we always make a conscious effort to ensure that every action we do is positive and for the benefit of our clients. We want to deliver our dependable service every time providing the full package for everyone.

In complying with legislation, approved in the Codes of Practice and Guidance notes and Health and Safety Act of 1974, our whole team ensures that the highest standards of health, safety and well-being will be reflected in our activities, including the procurement of articles and substances and the management of our construction projects. Our Director, Patrick Hough, takes pride in ensuring his employer responsibility is to the highest standard, by protecting his employees and clients regarding all health and safety policies. 

We have strict environmental health and safety guidelines and training to guarantee that there is safety on the construction site and surrounding environment. Because of this we also have a Health and Safety Consultant who works on a retainer basis and is on call to assist with all of our ongoing requirements. 

We work tirelessly to make sure that the implementation of the above will be achieved and we do exactly that through the following:

  • We’re always compliant with all health and safety arrangements and any job-specific health and safety plans that need to be in place.
  • We have strong and professional leaders and management, which support our team throughout every commercial and residential project.
  • We always have health and safety training programmes for all members of Hough Construction.
  • There are regular site inspections to spearhead the drive in the importance of health and safety in construction.
  • Our employees have consultations to make sure everyone is up-to-date on procedures.
  • There is always support and assistance provided to our subcontractors.

Cohesively Working Together For A Safer Environment

Every operation is managed closely to reduce any negative impact on our business activities as well as promoting good environmental practice. We actively acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and manage our processes to eliminate and significantly reduce any negative impact from our operations.

We will strive to:

  • Create innovative sustainable solutions
  • Apply carbon management and reduction
  • Recycle and reduce any waste
  • Procure recycled and sustainably sourced materials
  • Reduce usage of natural resources
  • Improve efficiency

Our membership of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) strengthens our commitment towards achieving zero accidents and enforces a positive health and safety culture throughout the company. We aim to foster a work environment where everyone feels and demonstrates responsibility for their own Health and Safety and that of others.

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